Friday, January 17, 2014

Here’s an iPhone Screen Doctor That’s Cheap, Efficient — and Makes House Calls

I read this article and I could see the benefit of this type of service. I went on the Website ans sure enough there was a tech within 15 miles. As I had an iPad with a cracked screen I decided to try it. I will let you know the outcome.

1/19/14 So far 48 hours since I opened a request for service and no contact. I am not impressed with the service so far. I will keep you up to date.
by Mike Wehner,
January 16th 2014 8:43 PM
Teenagers cracking their phones’ screens has become so commonplace that The Onion parody news site actually produced a video called “New iPhone Geared Towards College-Aged Girls Comes With Pre-Shattered Screen.”
I laughed — until my 14-year-old daughter brought home her own shattered iPhone.

I winced — when I took it to an Apple Store and learned that it would cost $200 to repair. (Actually, they just swap the phone for a new one.)
I was intrigued — when my wife, Nicki, mentioned that she’d heard good things about It’s a service that sends someone to you — at your house or whatever — and fixes your phone’s screen on the spot. For $100 complete.
I figured it was worth a shot. On the iCracked website, I entered my name and phone number. A local technician (they have 400 nationwide) texted me back within an hour and asked when I’d like to schedule the repair. “How about tomorrow at noon?” I replied.
Right at noon, the guy showed up. Chris. This isn’t his full-time job, he told me; he does iPhone and iPad screen repairs on the side, for fun and profit. He was smart and efficient and tolerant of my kids crowding around to watch the surgery. (I crowded around, too.)
There’s really not much more to the story. He fixed the phone efficiently and at the time and place I requested. We saved $100 over Apple’s price and — here’s the thing — the phone was never out of our hands. No need to ship it somewhere or even to drive it somewhere.
If you’re technically savvy, you can find plans online to do this kind of job yourself for about $50.
But by using iCracked, we gained a 99-year warranty, spent next to zero time and saved a lot of frustration.
This is not an ad; I don’t know anybody at iCracked, and they had no idea I planned to write up my experience. But they do get a thumbs-up from the Poguester!
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