Tuesday, December 3, 2013

iPad Air frequent low memory crash, fix


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The iPad Air is a more powerful and speedier tablet than its iPad 4 predecessor, thanks to the same A7 chip that also powers the iPhone 5s. Despite this significantly improved performance, several iPad users are complaining about frequent crashes because of low memory. Note that the iPad Air has 1 GB of LPDDR3 memory (RAM). Please also note that if your iPad Air (or other previous iPad models) crashes frequently (such as when using the Facebook app, Safari or other apps like games), it is probably because of lack of memory.

You can see your crash reports by going to Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Diagnostic & Usage Data. As you can see blow:

If you are having this problem, here is what you can do to fix:

  • Close all apps. If you close your apps that are currently running in the background, then you will free up RAM on your device. Double-click the Home button and swipe your Apps upwards. Tap the Home Button when you are done.
  • Reset your iPad by pressing and holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. RAM can be cleared through resetting.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh option by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • If you are not using, turn off Spotlight Search indexing by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and uncheck all options.
  • Change your Wallpaper from Dynamic to Stills. Tab Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness. Tap on the Wallpaper section. You will see “Dynamic” and “Stills” under Apple Wallpaper. Tap on the Stills and select the one you like to set your wallpaper.
  • Let Apple know. Tap Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage and check Automatically Send option to help Apple improve its products by sending your daily diagnostics reports.

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