Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Always look under the hood

A lot has been written about Apple's losing its impact on the tech world and Wall Street has reacted to these “the sky is falling” screams with lower share prices. It makes me believe that neither the pundits or financial gurus can see without their glasses on.

If you are one of those who are not sure about Apple's leadership role don't lose site of the fact that the iPhone 5s comes with an A7 64 bit processor which is a big deal from a processing point of view. Prior to the 5s 64 bit processing was on no one's mobile radar. Rumors have it that this processor will also end up in the IPad 5 as well.

Then there is the fact that iOS 7 is fully 64 bit capable, and of course backward compatible with 32 bit apps.

Thirdly the M7 dedicated motion co-processor chip opens the door to a number of possibilities in the realm of health, mapping, and commercial apps.

Fourthly the introduction of biometrics on the smart phone not only enhances security but opens up commercial app development as well. This is also rumored to be on the iPad 5 as well.

Keeping only these four changes in mind, Steven Ambrose recently wrote “Apple opens the door for developers to create new apps with new revolutionary capabilities on a device that has more processing power and sensor capacity than many current PCs or smart devices.” In the same article he went on to say “Apple is therefore pointing the way forward in this market, in a manner which many may not have seen. Few people today leave their home without their mobile phone, most even keep it in their pockets when at home, and most also keep it next to them when they sleep.

No other device in history has been so firmly attached to as many people. Your mobile device may be all you need to track your life in all possible ways. Apple clearly have their eye on the quickly emerging market for health and wellness coupled with location services, all connected via mobile data to the web. This potentially huge market currently includes smartwatches, a device much rumoured but not released by Apple, and other wearable sensors.”

Next time you read “the sky is falling” type of articles remember it was chicken little that was panicked.

Oh by the way if you purchase a new iPad 5 or a new iPhone 5s/c you also get the Apple equivalent of MS Office, iWork. I have been using the iOS versions of iWork of these apps since iPad 1 and they do just fine as this post shows.

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