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Hidden feature of iOS 7 lets you control your iPad with your head

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Hidden feature of iOS 7 lets you control your iPad with your head

Not everyone is a fan of the new look presented by Apple's iOS 7, but there does seem to be universal agreement that this is a real attempt by the company to launch an entirely new, more competitive version of its mobile operating system. And while the recent WWDC presentation revealed a number of cool new features embedded in the new OS, one really innovative tool has only just been widely exposed that indicates Apple has even more interesting things planned for the future of its interfaces.

Discovered by an anonymous tipster on 9to5Mac, the new iOS 7 feature allows a user to control their iPad using only head movements. The feature is located in the"Accessibility"section of the operating system's control panel, a familiar part of Apple's software designed to aid those with physical and visual impairments.

The new option uses the iPad's camera sensor to allow the user to control the tablet using left or right head motions, a feature that would be incredibly valuable to quadriplegic users as well as those with limited use of their hands. Although using the option is slow going due to menu constructs, the tool appears to be quite accurate.

With devices like the Kinectincreasing in popularity, and theLeap Motionpreparing for a big launch next month, this hidden-in-plain-sight feature in iOS 7 could hint at Apple's future plans for integrating more gesture controls in its operating system as a standard feature. You can see a demonstration of the head movement interface control in the video below.

Via 9to5Mac

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